Special Guests

We're very pleased to announce the people who have agreed to give of their time, talent and treasure to participate in the concert.  Some local, some from many miles away.  Thank you one and all for doing this for Logos School!  We plan on adding one guest a week to the website.  We will include a bio and a picture drawn by Jay Niemeyer, a Logos dad of two.  Check out the auction page for more info on Jay and details about bidding on these original works of art.

Our fearless leader, Doug Wilson!  Learn more about Doug on the "about" page at the top.

Mark Reagan teaches Advanced Theory at New St. Andrews College and assists the music ministry at Christ Church, both in Moscow, ID. He holds a B.M. from Taylor University, an M.M. in Composition from Michigan State University and an M.A. in Choral Conducting from Washington State University.  He has signed up to conduct the volunteer Logos choir for the last few songs of the evening, and has graciously lent us his wife, Corinne, to play piano, as well.  Thank you Mark!

Toby Sumpter is a pastor at Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, ID.  He was ordained as a minister in 2007 (M.A.T.S., Erskine Theological Seminary). He previously served as minister of Holy Trinity Church in Greenville, SC. He completed his undergraduate studies at New St. Andrews College and pursued ministerial studies at Greyfriars Hall in Moscow. In addition to his pastoral duties, he teaches an online Omnibus course for Veritas Press. Toby and his wife Jenny have three children and is lending his bass guitar skills to a few tunes for us.  Thank you Toby!

Alan Burrow is the pastor of the The King's Congregation in Meridian, Idaho. He is a retired lawyer, having worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for 20 years and an Army JAG for 5 years prior to that.  He has been connected to Classical Christian Education through New Saint Andrew's College. His daughter, Gwen, graduated from there and is now N.D. Wilson's teaching assistant in the Rhetoric class.  Alan is our drummer for the evening, coming all the way from the Boise area to keep rhythm for us.  Thank you Alan Burrow!

Patch Blakey retired as a Captain from the U.S. Navy in 1995 after 23 years of service, so that he and his wife, Deb, could move their family to Moscow to enroll their four children in Logos School. Patch was a part time janitor at Logos for one year. He subsequently served on the Logos School Board for 12 years. He was also hired to serve as the Executive Director of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). All of the Blakey children graduated from Logos School, for which Patch and Deb are extremely thankful, and for which their children, too, are most thankful. Patch and Deb are hopeful that all of their grandchildren will also attend Logos School and benefit from the godly example of the instructors while learning to apply the Trivium to their own lives and becoming life-long learners to the glory of God.  Patch will be joining us with his guitar skills for a couple of songs.  Thanks Patch!


Gene Helsel is the pastor of Trinity Church and a co-founder of The River Academy (a Classical and Christian School) in Wenatchee, WA. Gene is married to the lovely Ellen and together they have four children. Two of the Helsel kids taught at, and the other two attended, The River Academy. For recreation Gene enjoys making music, mountain biking, skiing and wakeboarding. Gene continues to serve on the board of The River Academy and occasionally teaches there as well.  He has come aboard to play guitar, sing some lead and harmonize.  Both his guitar playing and his singing blew us away; wait until you hear him!

Wes Callihan runs Schola Classical Tutorials, an online classical Christian education service focusing on the Great Books, classical languages, Rhetoric, and Church History, and agreed to play guitar on a couple songs.  He also lent us his son, Robbie to play the whole concert.  Thank you Wes!
Dave Hatcher is a long time friend of Logos school. He was going to WSU when the school was just getting started. When Dave and his wife, Kim, were living in Annapolis, MD, they helped to start a sister school, Rockbridge Academy. Dave attended Greyfriars Hall in 1997 and taught NT Greek for two years at Logos School while two of his children attended as well. Dave is currently a Board Member and Greek teacher at Providence Classical Christian School in Lynnwood, WA.  Dave will be traveling over 300 miles to play keyboards for the Benefit Concert; thank you Dave!
Tom Garfield is Superintendent of Logos School,  HS History/Art/Drama, husband of Julie (Latin teacher), father of four Logos graduates, and proud grandfather agreed to bring his drumsticks out of retirement and lend rhythm to a few songs!

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