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About Logos School

Logos School opened its doors in September of 1981. It represented the concerted efforts and convictions of primarily three individuals: Doug Wilson, Shirley Quist, and Larry Lucas. Their goal was to provide high-quality Christian education for children. These three people were Logos School’s first and founding board of directors. Tom Garfield was hired in January, 1981, to be Logos School’s first administrator.
Logos (which means “word” in Greek) began with eighteen students in rented facilities at the Paradise Hills Church of God. Primarily through word-of-mouth the school grew quickly. Parents still say they are most pleased with the dedicated, loving staff members, the smaller class sizes, and the consistently high level of academic and biblical encouragement their children receive. As the school expanded in size and scope, much thought was given to curricular improvement. This in turn led to examining many publishers’ materials. Due to our classical emphasis, few of the existing publishers had appropriate items for our curriculum needs. Therefore the Logos teachers and administrators began writing their own, custom-made materials to use in the classrooms.
We had our first graduate in 1985 and have graduated hundreds of students since then. These young people have been accepted at dozens of colleges around the nation, including Hillsdale College, Dartmouth, Harvard, Wheaton, University of Idaho, University of Pennsylvania, New St. Andrews College, Washington State, and many more. Our students consistently score in the top 20% or higher of nationally recognized standardized tests.
The school moved to 110 Baker, a former roller rink, after extensive prayer, fund-raising, and remodeling, in November of 1987. Subsequent improvements have included a well-equipped library, two portable classroom units, adjoining property, and in February of 1999, the completion of a multi-use, 13,000 square foot gymnasium.
In 1991, Doug Wilson, a founding board member and teacher in the school, wrote a book entitled Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. The book recalled how, over its ten year history at that time, Logos School had attempted to follow the classical, Trivium model, as described by Dorothy Sayers in her 1940’s article, The Lost Tools of Learning, published in the National Review. Doug’s book, published on a nation-wide scale, produced so much interest in the classical approach that Logos helped form the Association of Classical, Christian Schools (ACCS). This organization continues to offer annual national conferences and practical assistance to forming and growing classical, Christian schools. Logos is a charter member of ACCS and was accredited by the association in 1994. Logos School sells many of its administrative and curriculum materials to sister schools and other people around the United States, as well as having its staff train other teachers and administrators in summer training and other conferences.
Logos School is governed primarily by the Word of God, as understood and applied by the school’s Board of Directors and administration. The School Board of Directors is comprised of eight individuals: five permanent members, and three elected, 3-year term members. The board operates under the school’s adopted by-laws, vision and goals statements, and provides policies to the superintendent for implementation in the school.

About The Jenny Geddes Band (more about the band on the "Band News" page)

Doug Wilson (guitar and vocals)

Douglas Wilson is the minister of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, which is a member of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC). After his stint in the submarine service of the U.S. Navy, he attended the University of Idaho, where he obtained an MA in philosophy.  As one of its founders, he has served on the board of Logos School, a classical and Christian school (K-12), since its inception. He is also a Senior Fellow of theology at New St. Andrews College. He is the author of numerous books, including Reforming Marriage, The Case for Classical Christian Education, Letter from a Christian Citizen, and Blackthorn Winter. He is also the general editor for the Omnibus textbook series. His blog can be found at www.dougwils.com.
All his favorite authors begin their names with initials—C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, H.L. Mencken, J.R.R. Tolkien, N.D. Wilson, and P.G. Wodehouse. The one exception is Nancy Wilson, a favorite author to whom he has been married for over thirty-four years. They have three children and fifteen grandchildren.  He was given a guitar for his fifteenth birthday, and has been laboring over that thing ever since.

Alan Burrow (drums)

Alan has been connected to Classical Christian Education through New Saint Andrew's College. Specifically, his daughter, Gwen, graduated from there and is now Nate Wilson's teaching assistant in the Rhetoric class. He is the pastor of the CREC church in Meridian, Idaho, The King's Congregation.  He has held a church conference at Ambrose School and plan to hold another one there this summer.  We have several Ambrose teachers who attend our church.  He is a retired lawyer, having worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for 20 years and an Army JAG for 5 years prior to that. He loves music, and loves playing with the band.

Mark LaMoreaux (bass)

Mark's three children all attended Logos with the oldest starting Logos' first year. Their daughter Annie went on to graduate from New Saint Andrews College in 2000. She later married Dr. Jonathan McIntosh, fellow and associate dean at the college. His wife Chris served on the Logos School Board, drove school bus, and worked in the office at the school. In those early years, the LaMoreauxs, along with other parents, took turns doing the janitor work for the school. Mark helped work on remodeling the roller rink for the new school site.  The LaMoreauxs have been members of Christ Church since 1975, with Mark serving as the sound person during church and Chris as the administrative secretary at the church office. They are very thankful for Logos School and all it has meant to their family over the years. Now they get to see their grandchildren in the school (Emma, 2nd).   

Robbie Callihan (guitar)

Robert is the fifth of six children of Wes and Dani Callihan.  He is currently finishing his last year of high school, via home school. He's lived near Moscow all his life, and plans to stay here in the Palouse. He and his family have attended Christ Church almost from the beginning, and only a couple years ago moved to the sister church, Trinity Reformed Church. Because he's been in the community so long, attended the same churches as many of the teachers at Logos ( in fact, his dad taught there many years ago), he's known about the school his whole life, and most of his best friends are students there. Classical education has been the way he and all of his siblings  was educated, and he has loved every minute of it. "If I wasn't home schooled, I'd be at Logos, no doubt", he says.


Allie Bradley (vocals)

"I'm a 24-year-old graduate of New Saint Andrews College and Classic Rock's newest fan. I currently teach Kindergarten-4th Grade Music at Logos School as well as private voice/piano lessons and absolutely love my work. Educating people in music skills is one of the foremost goals in my life, so I'm blessed to be in a position to do that in a strong Christian school. And though I haven't brought Bob Seger and the Eagles into the classroom yet, I'm always up for broadening my own and my students' musical horizons. What is Classical Education if not learning from the past and keeping hold of the good stuff? Shake, rattle and roll!!"

Emily Bradley (piano)

"I’m 21 years old and have played the piano since I was six, but this is the first time I’ve played in a band! I’ve been involved with Logos since 2008 when I accompanied the high school production of Oklahoma! Since then, I’ve enjoyed playing for Logos graduations and their recent performance of The Sound of Music.  I graduated in 2007 from a tiny Classical Christian school in Colville, WA.  Though it was so small that I was only one of two graduates, I am forever grateful for the excellent education I received there.  This coming spring I will be graduating from New St. Andrews." 

Abby Gray (vocals)
"I'm 20 years old, have lived in the same Moscow farmhouse my whole life, have 6 sisters, 3 brothers-in-law, 2 nieces, 2 nephews and 2 wise and loving parents. I started in Logos as a 5th grader and graduated in 2008. I attended New Saint Andrews College from the Fall of 2008 to the Spring of 2010 and graduated with my Associates of Arts and Culture Degree. God has blessed me through Logos and NSA more than I can possibly say."

Clint Hughes (guitar and vocals)

"I'm a Logos father of three who's incredibly blessed to have been led to Moscow, ID for Logos School.  My wife and I found Logos School so extraordinary that we uprooted our family and moved from Southern California.  Thank you, Tom Garfield, for giving me the opportunity to organize this unprecedented benefit concert.  Thank you, Doug Wilson, for being my pastor, band mate and friend.  Thank you, to all the special guests, who agreed to put forth their time, talent, and treasure to participate in this exciting evening.  Finally, thank you, to the wonderful supporters of Logos School.  With your contributions, we aim to make this benefit concert the biggest fundraising event in Logos School's history!"  

Guests for the evening:

Corinne Reagan
Corinne (New Saint Andrews '06) married into music when she said yes to Mark Reagan in 2006. She teaches the 4 year-old and 7-8 year old levels at Schola Cantorum, a Kodaly-based singing school started by Christ Church in 2009. She also instructs a large studio of piano students. Her latest instrument is the organ. Whereas rehearsals, weddings, funerals and concerts are all part of the routine in the Reagan home, what she really enjoys is the supreme satisfaction of cleaning her kitchen, roasting a prime rib, and having her table full of guests. Corinne will be playing piano on a few songs for us.

Bekah Merkle
Bekah is a daughter of Doug Wilson, and a Logos alum. She started kindergarten the first year that Logos was open, and graduated in 1994. Now all five of her kids are at Logos, covering almost all the elementary grades! She's back as well, teaching Classical Lit and Brit Lit to the juniors and seniors. She's been at Logos on a daily basis for 20 of her 34 years!  Bekah will be playing piano on a few songs for us.

Noai Leindenfrost

I attended Logos in 11th grade during one of our furloughs and absolutely enjoyed it. Two of my brothers are Logos alum and the other is a junior in Logos now.
I graduated last year from New Saint Andrew's college with my B.A. and am currently working for Community Christian Ministries here in Moscow.
I am thankful for what logos has done and is doing, and excited that other countries like China are catching on to the benefit of Classical Education!  Noai will be playing Celtic whistle and violin on a few songs for us.

Katie Smith
Katie has been classically educated at home all her life and is just finishing up her senior year of highschool. Though not attending Logos herself, she has friends going there and has enjoyed participating in different activities through Logos such as playing cello for the musical Logos class performance of Oklahoma!, singing in a summer music choir and as often as possible attending the dances they routinely host. Katie hasn't played flute in years, but was excited to dust of the ol' instrument to boogy with the best of them at the Logos 30th Birthday Benefit Concert.  Katie will be playing flute and cello on a few songs for us.

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