Silent Auction

The following items will be offered for silent auction during the concert's intermission.  All proceeds will go to Logos School!  Proxy bids will also be accepted for people not attending the concert until Friday, March 4, 2011.  To place a proxy bid, contact Logos School at (208) 882-1226 or email

Auction items:

Caricatures of the special guests of the evening drawn by:

Jay Niemeyer
owner of 
& Cetera Art and Illustration

Jay is a Logos dad of two and talented artist who graciously agreed to sketch the concert mascot and the special guests who will be joining the band at various times during the concert.  They will be the original works signed by the artist and the special guests!  The concert mascot will be signed by the artist and ALL of the special guests!
Concert Mascot
Tom Garfield

 Dave Hatcher
Wes Callihan
 Gene Helsel
 Patch Blakey
Alan Burrow 
Toby Sumpter 
Mark Reagan 
 Douglas Wilson

Circa 1942 Knabe symmetri-grand piano

This is a very rare and unique piano. Most baby grand pianos have a long straight side to the player's left, and a curved side to the player's right. The symmetri-grands we're, you guessed it, symmetrical! It has 2 curved sides. Designers loved them because they were very unique and could be tucked into any corner of the room. This particular symmetri-grand has a flame Honduran mahogany case and original ivory keys, both of which are unavailable anymore. It has been restored inside and out, and is ready for years of enjoyment! The piano has a retail value of $10,000.00. For this unprecedented Logos concert, it will go to the highest bidder with no reserve to start.  The piano is available to be seen and played at the Logos gym.  Please call Clint Hughes @ (208) 473-0293 to set appointment or if you have any questions.

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